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Sacramento, California’s Crossover Thrash Metal / Punk Legends pull the trigger on 12 new murderous, life-erasing tracks. Each song unleashes destructive blasts of machine gun-style guitar picking, exploding over no-cheating, tight-as-fuck, gatling gun drumming. All layered with ferocious, classic-style vocals (no death screams or growling) that take hostage of topics ranging from anti-establishment social issues to horror and insanity.

Since 1988, PSYCHOSOMATIC has consciously utilized their old-school roots throughout their entire catalog and “Clicking Sound...” is no exception. Their original, aggressive, no-bullshit sound is clearly present, yet the band has continued to evolve and refine their unique style, this time by adding another guitarist, resulting in even more technical, metallic darkness for this, their most impressive and devastating album to date.

For fans of Slayer (1980’s), Exodus, Municipal Waste, Verbal Abuse, Havok, The Accused, Poison Idea, Toxic Holocaust and Ramming Speed.


01. Chemical Burn / 02. Murder Of Crows / 03. Immortal Disease / 04. Nineteen Eleven /
05. Summoning / 06. Power Addict / 07. Grand Mal Seizure / 08. Conscripted / 09. Ritual Point /
10. Hemmorage / 11. Incite A Riot / 12. Downcast

Limited to a first pressing of 1,000 professionally packaged, replicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard style jewel case.

"Clicking Sound Of A Hammer Pulled Back" CD

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This is Old-Style Death / Grind the way it was meant to be played! Hailing from Northern California, these death merchants will inject audible murder into your head and politely call the coroner to collect whats left of your disintegrated and cremated eardrums. This, their debut release, unleashes four tracks fueled by dirty, decimating down-tuned guitars and thunderous, thrashing bass driven by pummeling and punishing percussion. This murdered form of music is finally verbally assaulted by gut-wrenching, high-pitched screeches and gut-gurgling, gruesome growls that can only be identified as the belching sounds in Satan's bowels!

Featuring former and current Knifethruhead, Kuru, Keloid, Cura Cochino and Zerobullshit members, one can be confident that Thrive & Decay's sound devours the intensity and raw aggression of Old School Crustpunk and Grindcore and then regurgitates the ugly, offensive, misanthropic and stinking corpse of Old-School Death Metal and Thrash into a wretched style not played by many today. Blast beats and hyper-athletic speed drumming be damned! TAD proudly thrives on crushing, slow to mid-paced battery rudely interrupted by the occasional, deadly, galloping, motorpunk, d-beat to summon their time honored brand of decaying metal.

With song titles like "Vulture Sepulture", "Intergalacticannibal" and "Eclectic Funeral" that preach about human extinction brought on by creepy birds, the black matter space monster that will someday devour everything (yes, not even the Kardashians will be spared!) and asshole-sell-out-posers who play death and grindcore for the richest car company in the world, how can you go wrong?

This ain't no wimpy kid tweencore…this is fucking GRANDPA GRIND!


01. Thrive And Decay / 02. Vulture Sepulture / 03. Intergalacticannibal / 04. Eclectic Funeral

Limited to a first pressing of 500 professionally packaged, replicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard style jewel case.

"Intergalacticannibal" CD EP

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Feed Me More began when four friends from Milan, Italy decided to join forces to create an annihilating musical assault mixing crust, grind and modern hardcore elements. This is the follow-up release to their 2014 debut 7 Inch Vinyl on Hanged Man Records. We think they just keep getting better and better.

Catarro is a Powerviolence / Grindcore style punk band from MossorĂ³, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Since 2003 the band has appeared on four releases and Buriedinhell is proud to be among one of the many labels helping to spread their message; "Destroy what must be destroyed."

Below is a sample of the upcoming split seven inch vinyl. Buriedinhell will have just 100 copies to distribute worldwide. Pre-Order yours now by visiting the following link:


You will die inside the Crack House! Hailing from the slums of hostile city Philadelphia, Crack House will smash what is left of the remaining, rotting sorry excuses for teeth inside meth mouths everywhere! A fast, ugly, crossover assault, with Hardcore Punk undertones and a brutal, dual vocal attack. Crack House is degenerate, no frills (or morals for that matter), up your ass and into the gutter Thrash Metal full of rancid topics found only in a drug infested, dilapidated shack made from two-by-fours, scrap metal and duct tape. So heat up your pipe and crank up the Crack Rock n Roll!

Featuring members of Eat The Turnbuckle, Javelina, Call The Paramedics and Bitchslicer. For fans of those aforementioned bands (of course) along with Venom, Abscess, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, The Dwarves, Panties, GG Allin, Impetigo, Midnight, Nekrofilth, Pungent Stench, Repulsion, Rigor Mortis and Zeke.

1. Crack House

2. This Emergency Room Is Gonna Need A Fucking Emergency Room

3. The Hits Just Keep On Coming

4. Junkie Fucker

5. March Of The Crackhead

Limited to a first pressing of only 500 professionally packaged, replicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard style jewel case.

"The Hits Just Keep On Coming" CD

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Vigorously training since 2002. Competing is three crazy dudes creating some of the fastest, heaviest, most spastic, loud, avant-garde grindcore you will ever hear in your life. With no annoying vocalist to get in the way, Competing is instrumental and fucking proud of it, so don't ask to try out for vocals, wise guy! The band draws influence from and tends to sound a lot like: Gorguts, Behold...The Arctopus, Hella, Times Of Desperation, Today Is The Day, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Mayhem, Spacebag and Sean. Shred 'til DEAD!!!

1. Red Shoes
2. Fun Tunnel

3. Dead Bat

Limited to a first pressing of only 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard style jewel case.

"Rough and Raw E.P." CD

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Listen to the whole album NOW! Just click on the play button below!


6/26 - Sacramento, CA // Cafe Colonial TOUR KICKOFF

6/27 - Portland, OR // Laughing Horse Books w/ Bastard Feast, Honduran and Snakes

6/28 - Boise, ID // The Shredder w/ Hummingbird of Death

6/29 - Ogden, UT // Mojo's w/ Deicidal Carnage, more

6/30 - Denver, CO // Bar Bar w/ Vimana, more

7/01 - Omaha, NE // The West Wing

7/02 - Columbia, MO // TBA

7/03 - St Louis, MO // Fubar

7/04 - Joplin, MO // Cesspool Castle (early Show 5pm)

7/05 - Ft. Worth, TX // 1919 Hemphill w/ Illustrations

7/06 - Austin, TX // Red 7 w/ Illustrations

7/07 - San Antonio, TX // Limelight w/ Illustrations

7/08 - Las Cruces, NM // The Trainyard w/ Illustrations, Communion of Thieves

7/09 - Tuscon, AZ // The Space Smoke Shop

7/10 - Tempe, AZ // Tempe Tavern w/ Illustrations, Bastard Feast, Lago

7/11 - San Diego, CA // Tower Bar w/ Bastard Feast, Age of Colapse

7/12 - Mentone, CA // The Loko Lounge w/ Bastard Feast

7/13 - Oakland, CA // Eli's Mile High Club w/ Bastard Feast

7/14 - Sacramento, CA // Cafe Colonial w/ Bastard Feast

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(WANING) Will Release New Album on Buriedinhell - 01/10/14

Buriedinhell Records is excited and proud to announce that Northern California's psychedelic doom conductors, (WANING), have captured six new compositions for their first concept album entitled, "The Funeral Mountains." Although, (WANING) has released several albums since their formation in 2007, this is the first recording that features the addition of long time friend and fan, Ian Black on Bass and Vocals. Black contributes some devastating high screams and low growls which were essentially absent in the band's previous offerings. Fans of (WANING) should expect all of the previous trademark sounds of Jim Willig's soulful vocalizations and multifaceted guitar tones, Susan Hunt's haunting voice and atmospheric keyboards possessed by Benjamin Carpentina's steady and rhythmic procession of percussion. "The Funeral Mountains" should intrigue fans of all dark music genres. It echoes some of the sounds made by Neurosis, Wormwood, Ludicra, Agalloch, Summer Of Glaciers, Giant Squid and so many more that dwell within the grim, depressive and heavy styles.

Limited to a first pressing of only 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard style jewel case.

"The Funeral Mountains" CD

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Listen to the whole album NOW! Just click on the play button below!

OUT NOW! Oblivionized / Human Cull Split 7 Inch Vinyl!

Buriedinhell Records is thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated Oblivionized / Human Cull Split Seven Inch Vinyl entitled, "This Septic Isle." We are proud to be the only USA label who collaborated on this release. We have only 50 COPIES and only 40 will be available for retail sale! Those of you who pre-ordered (and some of you who order immediately) will receive the highly coveted clear or white vinyl version. When they are gone, they're FUCKING GONE, MAN! So be sure to get one now or suffer later and pay ridiculous overseas shipping rates or simply miss out BIG TIME!

Two ripping grind bands from the United Kingdom collide to bring you one extremely ugly and deadly slab of wax! Oblivionized bombards your skull holes with their brand of avante grindcore. If you've listened to the Plague Widow split tracks, it's that similar delivery of discordant, blasting, technical (but not annoyingly over the top), controlled chaos that you expect. The two tracks, "Ghost Of An Assault" and "Whore Dogs" were recorded in their private studio and mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer). That alone should grab your attention! On the flip side we have Human Cull. These miscreants offer five blasts of brutal grind, crust and d-beat. A total no nonsense assault on the senses. Just think of bands like Phobia, Rotten Sound, Insect Warfare, Extreme Noise Terror and Nasum and you've just about got it. Their tracks were recorded by Dan Couch (Chemical Tomb) and then mixed and mastered by William Blackmon (Gadget). It doesn't get much more appropriate than that!

If you thought we couldn't throw any more grindcore street cred on this wax, think again. The cover art was created by Luis Sendon whose stamp on the underground music scene is quite prolific. And lets not forget to mention that Arif Rot (Wormrot) created some beautifully brutal art for the inside.

or push the play button below to stream the entire album right now!

"This Septic Isle" Shirts
In-Stock for a limited time!

As an added bonus, we have a small number of shirts that represent the split available in our webstore! This design is featured on the inside. It was created by Arif Rot (Wormrot). They came all the way from Germany from the folks at Wooaaargh. We will not be restocking!



Greetings! Just a quick update on the progress of the Oblivionized / Plague Widow "This Black Earth" Split 7 Inch Vinyl. The music was sent to the pressing plant a while ago and we finally received the test pressings. Unfortunately there was an issue with the sound quality with the first round of tests (good thing we ordered them!). New masters were made and we received the new test pressings last weekend! We feel that they sound great this time and are ready to move forward with the full pressing of 1,000.

A BIG THANKS goes out to those of you who have pre-ordered. We thank you very much for your patience. Your record(s) will be shipped along with the extra pre-order goodies, before the release date which was officially announced about one week ago (Plague Widow record release show in Sacramento, CA, USA on September 27th!). Stay tuned for more updates. Sorry for the long delay but we think it will be well worth the wait!

Just 30 of the 100 available pre-orders are left! Visit the following link to reserve your limited color vinyl copy now! Only 200 (of 1,000) color will be available on a first come, first served basis. About 100 of them will be reserved for the label and the bands so really, theres only 30 of them left!