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6/26 - Sacramento, CA // Cafe Colonial TOUR KICKOFF

6/27 - Portland, OR // Laughing Horse Books w/ Bastard Feast, Honduran and Snakes

6/28 - Boise, ID // The Shredder w/ Hummingbird of Death

6/29 - Ogden, UT // Mojo's w/ Deicidal Carnage, more

6/30 - Denver, CO // Bar Bar w/ Vimana, more

7/01 - Omaha, NE // The West Wing

7/02 - Columbia, MO // TBA

7/03 - St Louis, MO // Fubar

7/04 - Joplin, MO // Cesspool Castle (early Show 5pm)

7/05 - Ft. Worth, TX // 1919 Hemphill w/ Illustrations

7/06 - Austin, TX // Red 7 w/ Illustrations

7/07 - San Antonio, TX // Limelight w/ Illustrations

7/08 - Las Cruces, NM // The Trainyard w/ Illustrations, Communion of Thieves

7/09 - Tuscon, AZ // The Space Smoke Shop

7/10 - Tempe, AZ // Tempe Tavern w/ Illustrations, Bastard Feast, Lago

7/11 - San Diego, CA // Tower Bar w/ Bastard Feast, Age of Colapse

7/12 - Mentone, CA // The Loko Lounge w/ Bastard Feast

7/13 - Oakland, CA // Eli's Mile High Club w/ Bastard Feast

7/14 - Sacramento, CA // Cafe Colonial w/ Bastard Feast

Our Store Site Is Now Faster Than Ever!

Your Buriedinhell Records online shopping experience is now better than ever. We know the site has been running very slowly for a while but we weren't sure why. So we called upon our friends at Minnick Web Services for help and they solved the problem with just two shakes of Satan's tail.

Thanks to them, you'll be able to browse the 100s of CDs, Vinyl and Other Assorted Merchandise in our store with ease and add items to your cart in seconds! Checking out is a breeze, too. Just try it and see for yourself! C'mon, we know you wanna!

Just click on the image above to begin your decent into HELL!

Thanks so much for your patience! — Kenneth Fucking Hoffman and Buriedinhell Records

(WANING) Will Release New Album on Buriedinhell - 01/10/14

Buriedinhell Records is excited and proud to announce that Northern California's psychedelic doom conductors, (WANING), have captured six new compositions for their first concept album entitled, "The Funeral Mountains." Although, (WANING) has released several albums since their formation in 2007, this is the first recording that features the addition of long time friend and fan, Ian Black on Bass and Vocals. Black contributes some devastating high screams and low growls which were essentially absent in the band's previous offerings. Fans of (WANING) should expect all of the previous trademark sounds of Jim Willig's soulful vocalizations and multifaceted guitar tones, Susan Hunt's haunting voice and atmospheric keyboards possessed by Benjamin Carpentina's steady and rhythmic procession of percussion. "The Funeral Mountains" should intrigue fans of all dark music genres. It echoes some of the sounds made by Neurosis, Wormwood, Ludicra, Agalloch, Summer Of Glaciers, Giant Squid and so many more that dwell within the grim, depressive and heavy styles.

Limited to a first pressing of only 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard style jewel case.

"The Funeral Mountains" CD

PRE-ORDER NOW and SAVE $2.00 OFF the regular retail price! HURRY - this offer ends on January 9th! Pre-orders will start shipping on January 13th. Don't forget, all orders always get extra FREE STUFF!

Listen to the whole album NOW! Just click on the play button below!

OUT NOW! Oblivionized / Human Cull Split 7 Inch Vinyl!

Buriedinhell Records is thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated Oblivionized / Human Cull Split Seven Inch Vinyl entitled, "This Septic Isle." We are proud to be the only USA label who collaborated on this release. We have only 50 COPIES and only 40 will be available for retail sale! Those of you who pre-ordered (and some of you who order immediately) will receive the highly coveted clear or white vinyl version. When they are gone, they're FUCKING GONE, MAN! So be sure to get one now or suffer later and pay ridiculous overseas shipping rates or simply miss out BIG TIME!

Two ripping grind bands from the United Kingdom collide to bring you one extremely ugly and deadly slab of wax! Oblivionized bombards your skull holes with their brand of avante grindcore. If you've listened to the Plague Widow split tracks, it's that similar delivery of discordant, blasting, technical (but not annoyingly over the top), controlled chaos that you expect. The two tracks, "Ghost Of An Assault" and "Whore Dogs" were recorded in their private studio and mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer). That alone should grab your attention! On the flip side we have Human Cull. These miscreants offer five blasts of brutal grind, crust and d-beat. A total no nonsense assault on the senses. Just think of bands like Phobia, Rotten Sound, Insect Warfare, Extreme Noise Terror and Nasum and you've just about got it. Their tracks were recorded by Dan Couch (Chemical Tomb) and then mixed and mastered by William Blackmon (Gadget). It doesn't get much more appropriate than that!

If you thought we couldn't throw any more grindcore street cred on this wax, think again. The cover art was created by Luis Sendon whose stamp on the underground music scene is quite prolific. And lets not forget to mention that Arif Rot (Wormrot) created some beautifully brutal art for the inside.

or push the play button below to stream the entire album right now!

"This Septic Isle" Shirts
In-Stock for a limited time!

As an added bonus, we have a small number of shirts that represent the split available in our webstore! This design is featured on the inside. It was created by Arif Rot (Wormrot). They came all the way from Germany from the folks at Wooaaargh. We will not be restocking!



Greetings! Just a quick update on the progress of the Oblivionized / Plague Widow "This Black Earth" Split 7 Inch Vinyl. The music was sent to the pressing plant a while ago and we finally received the test pressings. Unfortunately there was an issue with the sound quality with the first round of tests (good thing we ordered them!). New masters were made and we received the new test pressings last weekend! We feel that they sound great this time and are ready to move forward with the full pressing of 1,000.

A BIG THANKS goes out to those of you who have pre-ordered. We thank you very much for your patience. Your record(s) will be shipped along with the extra pre-order goodies, before the release date which was officially announced about one week ago (Plague Widow record release show in Sacramento, CA, USA on September 27th!). Stay tuned for more updates. Sorry for the long delay but we think it will be well worth the wait!

Just 30 of the 100 available pre-orders are left! Visit the following link to reserve your limited color vinyl copy now! Only 200 (of 1,000) color will be available on a first come, first served basis. About 100 of them will be reserved for the label and the bands so really, theres only 30 of them left!

Plague Widow / Oblivionized "This Black Earth" Split 7 Inch Record Release Date is September 27th 2013!

Click on the image above for more show details!

The moment you have all been waiting for (well, at least those of you that pre-ordered) will finally arrive on Friday, September 27th 2013. Buriedinhell Records will release our most anticipated release ever: Plague Widow / Oblivionized "This Black Earth" Split 7 Inch Vinyl.

To celebrate this most monumentally obscene occasion, we are hosting a release show in Plague Widow's hometown of Sacramento, California on the same date. Plague Widow will perform with their new drummer along with some of the area's most disturbing grindcore bands:

Embryonic Devourment, Competing and Internal.

The record will be featured at Plague Widow's merch table for a special price. Color vinyl will be available on a first come first served basis. Quantities will be limited since most of them were reserved by fans via pre-order. Don't miss out on this killer show!

You can still pre-order! But hurry the last day to pre-order is Friday, September 13th...Oooh creepy!

Death Match Rock & Roll World Champions Release Debut CD!

Ladies and gentleman, the band you are about to experience is draped in ULTRA VIOLENCE! Fighting from Hostile City Philadelphia with over 100 years of combined rock 'n roll experience. Prepare to feast your eyes and ears upon the no holds barred, light tube smashing, panty dropping, thunderous drum pounding, fork to the face stabbing, alcohol swilling, table destroying, guitar riff shredding, foreign object wielding, ultra violent underground six man tag team and only current reigning death match rock and roll champions! Introducing the most electrifying band in sports entertainment today....EAT THE FUCKING TURNBUCKLE!!!!!!!!!!

"Step In The Fucking Ring" CD
Have you ever watched an insanely violent pro-wrestling match where guys get wrapped in barbed wire, thrown through tables, beaten with chairs and smashed in the face with fluorescent lightbulbs? Sure you have. But have you ever watched them play guitars and drums at the same time? Didn't think so. Motley Crue should be ashamed of themselves and their name. Not, of course for the obvious reasons, but because there is a REAL crew of ruffians out there called Eat The Turnbuckle that would rip them a pair of new assholes each, steal their women/money, eat their cocaine and rock them back up underneath Satan's fingernail from whence they came!

This terrifying gang of thugs is composed of six psychiatrically questionable weirdos from the streets of Philadelphia that come from an AIDS infected bloodline of bands from the likes of Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Call The Paramedics, Javelina and Hellblock 6, just to name a few. So you can imagine what this sounds like, right? A total shit-storm assault of violent and unapologetic Scum-Punk-Hardcore-Death Match-Rock and Roll! This album is filled with those classic East Coast breakdowns, gallops and gang vocals that we all expect. However, this isn't some generic slab to be overlooked. Not only does ETT combine all the good influences from the East Coast rock n' roll underground, they up the ante with an extremely dangerous and entertaining stage show. If you've ever seen a Call The Paramedics or Bad Luck 13 show, this shouldn't be news to you. Barbed wire, staple guns, fire, pro-wrestling-style stunts, and oceans of REAL blood. This band's existence is a tribute to the Gods of professional wresting which is clearly evident throughout this whole recording with samples from your favorite wrestling stars and an incredible introduction from ring announcer MR. LARRY LEGEND himself! Even the cover art features two wrestlers stabbing the shit out of each other with a fork!

So if you ever get a chance to see these crazy-fucks live, don't expect to be an innocent bystander. "You Better Bring A Fucking Helmet" along with your wallet to the show and make an appointment with your physician for the next morning because these guys live up to everything they sing about, which is rare in punk/metal bands these days. Rail up some nose candy, grab a makeshift weapon, lace up your boots, put on your cape and STEP IN THE FUCKING RING!

First pressing of 1,000 professionally packaged, replicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard size jewel case.


Video for "FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE" from the "Step In The Fucking Ring" CD!

Plague Widow/Oblivionized "This Black Earth" Split 7 Inch Vinyl

At last! Sacramento's very own Death / Grind undertakers, Plague Widow have teamed up with London's 'Avant-Grind' trio, Oblivionized, to bring forth a collection of intense, discordant, mind-numbing and ugly as fuck death metal inspired GRINDCORE!

Pre-Order Now!
(Includes limited color vinyl, hand-numbered poster, sticker, button and a digital download!)

Here's a sample track from both bands. Both tracks will appear on this release. Enjoy...

The Debut CD From Black Mackerel Is No Longer Legend!

From the hot steaming and stinking sewers of Sacramento, California, Buriedinhell Records is extremely excited and proud to bring you the highly anticipated and long overdue release of the mighty debut from Black Mackerel! Stream the entire album now for free and find out what has been slithering through the unholy septic systems of Northern California for about ten years. The legend lurks no longer...

"Fight or Flight" CD
(Available February 28th!)
Before there was CONDEMNED?, on Nuclear Blast Records, in the early 1980s there was CONDEMNED2DEATH (2nd Nuclear Blast Release) and then even CONDEMNED ATTITUDE. However, in between those bands, there still remains an over-looked, red-headed middle child mothered by the Creature from the Black Lagoon and hidden away within the stench-rotted sewers of Sacramento, California dubbed by homeless fishermen as the legendary BLACK MACKEREL. The illusive beast has only been spotted at night between the hours of 8pm and 2am jumping from the sludge to snatch bottles of whiskey while thrashing it's body in a slam-dance fashion only to escape after displaying a victory dance atop the rivers of pisshit like an enraged, coked-out hesher moshing in a circle pit.

This strange anomaly of the aquatic kingdom can only be lured into sight with the sounds of Red Fang, NoMeansNo, The Melvins, Black Flag and Black Sabbath. It's legacy is kept alive by disgruntled fishermen along with old-school and new-school headbangers alike!

"Fight Or Flight" is limited to a first pressing of 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs housed in a standard sized jewel case and shrink-wrapped. Catch yours today!

Live footage of Black Mackerel performing "Good Friend" from the "Fight Or Flight" CD!

Buriedinhell Unleashes Debut Black Metal CD!

Buriedinhell Records is proud to announce the release of the debut CD from local Black Metalers, Human Filth! Stream the entire album now for free while you order. If you are a fan of old-school black metal like Dissection, Dark Funeral, Burzum, Satyricon or Naglfar, take our word for it. GET THIS CD!

"Damned With Satan's Might" CD

The debut album from the misanthropic, homo-erectus-hating, anti-christ cult of dirty devils unknown to greedy, mindless monkeys in three-piece suits as HUMAN FILTH! Sounding as if they lurk within Satanic frost bitten forests of the northern viking lands, it may be surprising that this corroded crew actually hails from the scorching hot streets of Sacramento, California. These religion rejects condemn mankind for it's unfathomable atrocities against it's own "spirit" and universe with some violent and ear-numbingly cold Black Metal. Invoking the spirits of audible antiquity, four filthy fiends conjure forth six spells reverberating like a lost ghost from the infamous realm of the nineteen nineties and some of it's rulers including Dissection, Dark Funeral, Burzum, Satyricon, Naglfar and many more.

"Damned With Satan's Might" was a DIY labor of hate which was recorded, engineered and produced by the band themselves. But don't let that ruin your expectations, the quality of the recording is hardly "low-fi" and is limited to only about an ounce of echo and reverb. However, there's definitely no shortage of PURE BLACK EVIL! This offering was recorded more like an old-school death metal album, void of annoying triggered/fake drum samples. Everything was recorded live and sounds tragically human and disgustingly filthy. The perfect mix of raw primitive violence and produced precision.

The opening track, "World Of Mine", introduces the band with a thrashing onslaught and abruptly halts and leads us into a mid-tempo, head-banging gallop as blood curdling, venom spat growls invade the sounds of Satan's army at war with everything. The battle continues with "Deny Christ" which creeps into a slower mid-tempo beat enveloped by a classic "double-picked" Black Metal style melody. Suddenly, after we've become content, the dreary crawl is invaded by lightening-speed blasts, chaos-inducing thrash mayhem and skull crushing "double kicks." The title track, "Damned With Satan's Might" reminds us of Satan's flag raised high above the unsuspecting despicable human race with a barrage of brutal blasts and threatening thrash assaults along with a short droning moment that is usurped by even more flesh shredding anarchy! The fourth Satanic movement, "Suffer The Wrath" slithers through the caverns of hell at a serpent's pace with eerie droning guitars and tortured screams. Near the end the monotony is broken by an epic and melodic guest guitar solo provided by one of the band's comrades. After the solo fades we are acquainted with "Unwanted Existence" which ushers in a whirlwind of thrashing guitar pandemonium like an anthem from Satan's army as the pounding percussion advances from purgatory to end all life on Earth. Speaking of the end, "Frost Bitten Forest" finalizes our journey through the devil's domain and proves the misconception of Hell being a pit that is engulfed in flames. The bitterly cold, dark and grim axe wielding coupled with high pitched shrieking from a damned soul entombed in ice emphasizes that the end of existence is more like a cold, black, depressing and lonely forest.

"Damned With Satan's Might" is limited to a first pressing of 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs housed in a standard sized jewel case and shrink-wrapped. Available at an extremely affordable price that would make even Satan himself smile.