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Buriedinhell Records surfaced from the depths of hell in 1998 and has since released many recordings on vinyl and compact disc. Please support underground grindcore, hardcore punk, thrash, black metal, doom, death metal and everything in between by purchasing our products.

Trades offers are always entertained and often accepted. Please send us your list.

For inquiries regarding all things Buriedinhell, please contact:
buriedinhell (at) yahoo(dot)(com)

Bands: Please send your promotional Record, Compact Disc or Cassette to the following address for future release consideration. Include your proposed record's finished artwork (low resolution digital or print out is perfect) along with a CDR of your tracks, a short and informative band Bio and other important material you feel relates to your proposal. Digital submissions are not accepted and will not be taken seriously (Sorry, we just don't have time to listen).

Thank you for taking interest in our site. STAY FUCKING UNDERGROUND!!!

Buriedinhell Records
PO Box 163826
Sacramento, CA 95816 USA