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"Grave Descent" Digipak CD
BIH049 (Professionally Duplicated)

   This is the debut release from Deathened-Blackified-Stench-Doomers from none other than Oakland, California. This depraved congregation has that dark and dirty, grim and ugly sound that the region is known for. Appropriately named LARVAE, the band actually seems to slither up your spine like a horde of long, tiny black worms that quickly and painfully infest every orifice of your skull to slowly feast upon your brain, creating an underworldly, evil and utterly nightmarish mental condition. You're fucking infected! You must now become one with them and face your GRAVE DESCENT into total Stench-Crust-Doom-Blackmetal depravity!

   Fans already infected with this disgusting disease will have been previously exposed to the sickening sounds of Bay Area plague-spreaders: SKAVEN, LUDICRA, EL DOPA and STORMCROW along with foreign born debilitating diseases: AMEBIX, DISSECTION and AGRIMONIA.

First pressing of 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs in a digipak case. Shrink-wrapped.

"Clicking Sound Of A
Hammer Pulled Back" CD
BIH048 (Professionally Replicated)

   Sacramento, California’s Crossover Thrash Metal / Punk Legends pull the trigger on 12 new murderous, life-erasing tracks. Each song unleashes destructive blasts of machine gun-style guitar picking, exploding over no-cheating, tight-as-fuck, gatling gun drumming. All layered with ferocious, classic-style vocals (no death screams or growling) that take hostage of topics ranging from anti-establishment social issues to horror and insanity. Since 1988, PSYCHOSOMATIC has consciously utilized their old-school roots throughout their entire catalog and “Clicking Sound...” is no exception. Their original, aggressive, no-bullshit sound is clearly present, yet the band has continued to evolve and refine their unique style, this time by adding another guitarist, resulting in even more technical, metallic darkness for this, their most impressive and devastating album to date. For fans of Slayer (1980’s), Exodus, Municipal Waste, Verbal Abuse, Havok, The Accused, Poison Idea, Toxic Holocaust and Ramming Speed.

First pressing of 1,000 professionally packaged, replicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard size jewel case.

"Intergalacticannibal" CD
BIH4647 (Professionally Replicated)

   This is Old-Style Death Metal the way it was meant to be played! Hailing from the city of Sacramento in California, these death merchants will inject audible murder into your head and politely call the coroner to collect whats left of your disintegrated, defiled eardrums for cremation. This, their debut release, unleashes four tracks fueled by dirty, decimating down-tuned guitars and thunderous, thrashing bass driven by pummeling and punishing percussion. This murdered form of music is finally verbally assaulted by gut-wrenching, high-pitched screeches and gut-gurgling, gruesome growls that can only be identified as the belching sounds in Satan's bowels. Featuring former and current Knifethruhead, Kuru, Keloid, Cura Cochino and Zerobullshit members, one can be confident that Thrive And Decay's sound devours the intensity and raw aggression of Old School Crustpunk and Grindcore and then regurgitates the ugly, offensive, misanthropic and stinking corpse of Old-School Death Metal and Thrash into a refreshing style not played by many today. Blast beats and hyper-athletic speed drumming be damned! TAD proudly thrives on crushing, slow to mid-paced battery rudely interrupted by the occasional, deadly, galloping, motorpunk beat to summon their time honored brand of decaying metal. With song titles like "Vulture Sepulture", "Intergalacticannibal" and "Eclectic Funeral" that preach about human extinction brought on by creepy birds, the black matter space monster that will someday devour everything (yes, not even the Kardashians will be spared!) and asshole-sell-out-posers who play death and grindcore for the richest car company in the world, how can you go wrong?

First pressing of 500 professionally packaged, replicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard size jewel case.

"The Hits Just Keep On Coming" CD
BIH045 (Professionally Replicated)

   You will die inside the Crack House! Hailing from the slums of hostile city Philadelphia, Crack House will smash what is left of the remaining, rotting sorry excuses for teeth inside meth mouths everywhere! A fast, ugly, crossover assault, with Hardcore Punk undertones and a brutal, dual vocal attack. Crack House is degenerate, no frills (or morals for that matter), up your ass and into the gutter Thrash Metal full of rancid topics found only in a drug infested, dilapidated shack made from two-by-fours. Featuring members of Eat The Turnbuckle, Javelina, Call The Paramedics and Bitchslicer. For fans of Abscess, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, The Dwarves, Panties, GG Allin, Impetigo, Midnight, Nekrofilth, Pungent Stench, Repulsion, Rigor Mortis and Zeke. This is fucking Crack Rock n Roll!

First pressing of 500 professionally packaged, replicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard size jewel case.

"Rough & Raw E.P." CD
BIH043 (Professionally Duplicated)

   Vigorously training since 2002. Competing is three crazy dudes creating some of the fastest, heaviest, most spastic, loud, avant-garde grindcore you will ever hear in your life. With no annoying vocalist to get in the way, Competing is instrumental and fucking proud of it, so don't ask to try out for vocals, wise guy! The band draws influence from and tends to sound a lot like: Gorguts, Behold...The Arctopus, Hella, Times Of Desperation, Today Is The Day, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Mayhem, Spacebag and Sean. Shred 'til DEAD!

First pressing of 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs. Shrink-wrapped in a standard size jewel case.


"The Funeral Mountains" CD
BIH042 (Professionally Duplicated)

   Northern California's psychedelic doom conductors, WANING, have captured six new compositions for their first concept album. Although, WANING has released several albums since their formation in 2007, this is the first recording that features the addition of long time friend and fan, Ian Black on Bass and Vocals. Black contributes some devastating high screams and low growls which were essentially absent in the band's previous offerings. Fans of WANING should expect all of the previous trademark sounds of Jim Willig's soulful vocalizations and multifaceted guitar tones, Susan Hunt's haunting voice and atmospheric keyboards possessed by Benjamin Carpentina's steady and rhythmic procession of percussion. "The Funeral Mountains" should intrigue fans of all dark music genres. It echoes some of the sounds made by Neurosis, Wormwood, Ludicra, Agalloch, Summer Of Glaciers, Giant Squid and so many more that dwell within the grim, depressive and heavy styles.

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case. 

"This Black Earth" 7 Inch Vinyl
BIH041 (Color / Black Vinyl)

   Sacramento's very own Death / Grind arachnoid epidemic, Plague Widow have teamed up with London's "Avant-Grind" doom-bringers, Oblivionized, to bring forth a collection of intense, discordant, mind-numbing and ugly as fuck death metal inspired GRIND CORE!

   Limited to a first pressing of 1,000 Hand-Numbered Records. 100 White / 100 Dark Gray / 800 Black. The color vinyl came with a small poster, stickers and a one inch button.

"This Septic Isle" 7 Inch Vinyl
BIH040 (Color / Black Vinyl)
   Buriedinhell Records is proud to be the only USA label who collaborated on this release entitled, "This Septic Isle." We have only 50 COPIES and only 40 will be available for retail sale! Those of you who pre-ordered (and some of you who order immediately) will receive the highly coveted clear or white vinyl version. When they are gone, they're FUCKING GONE, MAN! USA customers take note: Be sure to get one now or suffer later and pay ridiculous overseas shipping rates or simply miss out BIG TIME!

   Two ripping grind bands from the United Kingdom collide to bring you one extremely ugly and deadly slab of wax! Oblivionized bombards your skull holes with their brand of avante grindcore. If you've listened to the Plague Widow split tracks, it's that similar delivery of discordant, blasting, technical (but not annoyingly over the top), controlled chaos that you expect. The two tracks, "Ghost Of An Assault" and "Whore Dogs" were recorded in their private studio and mastered by Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer). That alone should grab your attention! On the flip side we have Human Cull. These miscreants offer five blasts of brutal grind, crust and d-beat. A total no nonsense assault on the senses. Just think of bands like Phobia, Rotten Sound, Insect Warfare, Extreme Noise Terror and Nasum and you've just about got it. Their tracks were recorded by Dan Couch (Chemical Tomb) and then mixed and mastered by William Blackmon (Gadget). It doesn't get much more appropriate than that!

   If you thought we couldn't throw any more grindcore street cred on this wax, think again. The cover art was created by Luis Sendon whose stamp on the underground music scene is quite prolific. And lets not forget to mention that Arif Rot (Wormrot) created some beautifully brutal art for the inside.

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Records.


"Step In The Fucking Ring" CD
BIH039 (Professionally Replicated)

   Have you ever watched an insanely violent pro-wrestling match where guys get wrapped in barb wire, thrown through tables, beaten with chairs and smashed in the face with fluorescent light bulbs? Sure you have. But have you ever watched them play guitars and drums at the same time? Didn't think so.

   Motley Crue should be ashamed of themselves and their name. Not, of course for the obvious reasons, but because there is a REAL crew of ruffians out there called Eat The Turnbuckle that would rip them a pair of new assholes each, steal their women/money, eat their cocaine and rock them back up underneath Satan's fingernail from whence they came!

   This terrifying gang of thugs is composed of six psychiatrically questionable weirdos from the streets of Philadelphia that come from an AIDS infected bloodline of bands from the likes of Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Call The Paramedics, Javelina and Hellblock 6, just to name a few. So you can imagine what this sounds like, right? A total shit-storm assault of violent and unapologetic Scum-Punk-Hardcore-Death Match-Rock and Roll! This album is filled with those classic East Coast breakdowns, gallops and gang vocals that we all expect. However, this isn't some generic slab to be overlooked. Not only does ETT combine all the good influences from the East Coast rock n' roll underground, they up the ante with an extremely dangerous and entertaining stage show. If you've ever seen a Call The Paramedics or Bad Luck 13 show, this shouldn't be news to you. Barb wire, staple guns, fire, pro-wrestling-style stunts and oceans of REAL blood. This band's existence is a tribute to the Gods of professional wresting which is clearly evident throughout this whole recording with samples from your favorite wrestling stars and an incredible introduction from ring announcer Mr. LARRY LEGEND himself! Even the cover art features two wrestlers stabbing the shit out of each other with a fork!

   So if you ever get a chance to see these crazy-fucks live, don't expect to be an innocent bystander. "You Better Bring A Fucking Helmet" along with your wallet to the show and make an appointment with your physician for the next morning because these guys live up to everything they sing about, which is rare in punk/metal bands these days. Rail up some nose candy, grab a makeshift weapon, lace up your boots, put on your cape and STEP IN THE FUCKING RING!

   Limited to a first pressing of 1,000 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.

"Damned With Satan's Might" CD
BIH038 (Professionally Duplicated)

   The debut album from the misanthropic, homo-erectus-hating, anti-christ cult of dirty devils unknown to greedy, mindless monkeys in three-piece suits as HUMAN FILTH! Sounding as if they lurk within Satanic frost bitten forests of the northern viking lands, it may be surprising that this corroded crew actually hails from the scorching hot streets of Sacramento, California. These religion rejects condemn mankind for it's unfathomable atrocities against it's own "spirit" and universe with some violent and ear-numbingly cold Black Metal. Invoking the spirits of audible antiquity, four filthy fiends conjure forth six spells reverberating like a lost ghost from the infamous realm of the nineteen nineties and some of it's rulers including Dissection, Dark Funeral, Burzum, Satyricon, Naglfar and many more.

"Damned With Satan's Might" was a DIY labor of hate which was recorded, engineered and produced by the band themselves. But don't let that ruin your expectations, the quality of the recording is hardly "low-fi" and is limited to only about an ounce of echo and reverb. However, there's definitely no shortage of PURE BLACK EVIL! This offering was recorded more like an old-school death metal album, void of annoying triggered/fake drum samples. Everything was recorded live and sounds tragically human and disgustingly filthy. The perfect mix of raw primitive violence and produced precision.

   The opening track, "World Of Mine", introduces the band with a thrashing onslaught and abruptly halts and leads us into a mid-tempo, head-banging gallop as blood curdling, venom spat growls invade the sounds of Satan's army at war with everything. The battle continues with "Deny Christ" which creeps into a slower mid-tempo beat enveloped by a classic "double-picked" Black Metal style melody. Suddenly, after we've become content, the dreary crawl is invaded by lightening-speed blasts, chaos-inducing thrash mayhem and skull crushing "double kicks." The title track, "Damned With Satan's Might" reminds us of Satan's flag raised high above the unsuspecting despicable human race with a barrage of brutal blasts and threatening thrash assaults along with a short droning moment that is usurped by even more flesh shredding anarchy! The fourth Satanic movement, "Suffer The Wrath" slithers through the caverns of hell at a serpent's pace with eerie droning guitars and tortured screams. Near the end the monotony is broken by an epic and melodic guest guitar solo provided by one of the band's comrades. After the solo fades we are acquainted with "Unwanted Existence" which ushers in a whirlwind of thrashing guitar pandemonium like an anthem from Satan's army as the pounding percussion advances from purgatory to end all life on Earth. Speaking of the end, "Frost Bitten Forest" finalizes our journey through the devil's domain and proves the misconception of Hell being a pit that is engulfed in flames. The bitterly cold, dark and grim axe wielding coupled with high pitched shrieking from a damned soul entombed in ice emphasizes that the end of existence is more like a cold, black, depressing and lonely forest.

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.

"Fight Or Flight" CD
BIH037 (Professionally Duplicated)

   Before there was CONDEMNED?, on Nuclear Blast Records, in the early 1980s there was CONDEMNED2DEATH (2nd Nuclear Blast Release) and then even CONDEMNED ATTITUDE. However, in between those bands, there still remains an over-looked, red-headed middle child mothered by the Creature from the Black Lagoon and hidden away within the stench-rotted sewers of Sacramento, California dubbed by homeless fishermen as the legendary BLACK MACKEREL.

   The illusive beast has only been spotted at night between the hours of 8pm and 2am jumping from the sludge to snatch bottles of whiskey while thrashing it's body in a slam-dance fashion only to escape after displaying a victory dance atop the rivers of pisshit like an enraged, coked-out hesher moshing in a circle pit.

   This strange anomaly of the aquatic kingdom can only be lured into sight with the sounds of Red Fang, NoMeansNo, The Melvins, Black Flag and Black Sabbath. It's legacy is kept alive by disgruntled fishermen along with old-school and new-school headbangers alike!

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.

BIH036 (Professionally Duplicated)

   I am writing this while suffering from a monster hangover and extreme sleep deprivation, after all, I was out late cursing my liver and ears with these assholes. First a few words about the rock n roll criminals that brought us this slab of rotten wax. This rager has been a long time coming! Over the years, Rat Damage has become a staple of the Sacramento, California underground punk scene and has released a couple very limited seven inch vinyl records. The vocalist and bassist run a DIY style record label together called FYBS and have not so coincidentally released this album on vinyl. The singer is also a "scene veteran" (a polite way of saying "geezer"..haha, sorry Ken!) who has been bringing the best underground touring punk bands to Sacramento and the surrounding area for what seems like almost twenty years (if I can remember that far back, I guess that makes me a "geezer", too). And if thats not enough, the lead guitarist is always active in at least two or three other bands to boot. Did I mention they perform live about three or four times per month? Whew! These guys are fucking busy!

   Now onto the insults: CURSED, their debut full length album, was recored at Lennon Studios in San Francisco by Jeff (Leppard) Davis at the end of 2011. It has a super beefy and slick sound that is not over produced and still delivers a raw, gut-wrenching punch. 11 lamentations filled with regret, desperation, hate, misery and impending doom of the soul. These songs document the day to day struggles that these veteran Sacto lifers experience in Californias Capitol City. Its like sneaking a peak at a mad mans diary (Ozzy reference?). The refreshingly simplistic lyrical approach is most often delivered in a chanting style, a single sentence repeated over and over, drilling the subject matter straight to your brain matter. The vocal style is belted out in hoarse yells of melancholy and bring up familiar sore subjects that plague most of us at one time or another, no matter where you live. This makes the band highly palatable and easy to relate with. Having a bad day? Listen to the vocalist scream his guts out about the same shit thats beating up your brain but magnified ten fold and you will be thinking, well, I guess it could be worse...I could be this guy! A myriad of influences rampage throughout, but it's difficult to pin-point who, as in which particular bands, they are drawing their inspiration. Rat Damage have an original sound, which is rare these days. Most of the time, the drums are assaulted with an up-tempo/mid pace as the guitars chug along in an old-school heavy metal style tinged with "the blues" while still capturing the spirit of classic "old tyme" California 80's punk and hardcore bands. Theres even some 70s British punk riffing invading the mix at times. Some songs start out with stoner/bluesy intros and then gallop forward with a tight, dare I say danceable groove. Others just smack you upside the dome from the get go. The only real exception is when the album's title track, CURSED gets rudely interrupted by a completely different song called PILLS that usurps with a full on D-Beat attack.

   Some other things about this release that you may find interesting: The cover artwork was created by Pat Kim, ex-member of the band Unwritten Law and features some cool, collage-style art by Jeremiah (Jed) Pfeffer on the inside. SLOW SUICIDE, the album's final track, features some agonizing backing vocals by VOETSEKs Ami Lawless.

   Recommended for fans of Poison Idea, Motorhead, Black Flag, DRI, Verbal Abuse, Attitude Adjustment, Venom, Circle Jerks along with creeps and scum bags from all walks of life. Tired of cookie cutter punk bands? Get this album!

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case. 

BIH035 (Professionally Duplicated)

   The debut from Sacramento, Californias newest Death/Grind miscreants! The band includes ex and current members of Slaughterbox, Cowboy Killer, Ungoliant, Minenwerfer, Nunfuck, Chronaexus, Heaven Exempt, Pisshitter, Human Obliteration and Esoteric Sacrifice. A barrage of bludgeoning blast beats, gorrific growls and ravaging riffs that mercilessly stabs it's way between the death, grind and black metal sub-genres. Sure to quench your blood-thirst for absolute audible mayhem. If you know anything about Metal from Sacramento, you'll instantly recognize the refined production quality on this release being from the one and only Mayhemeness Studios. For fans of Wormed, Portal, Origin, Robinson, Insect Warfare, Gorgoroth, Discordance Axis, Circle Of Dead Children and Rotten Sound. Look for the 7 inch vinyl version of this recording soon from Buriedinhell Records!

   Limited to a first pressing of 200 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.


"Your Will Has Been Broken" CD
BIH034 (Professionally Duplicated)

   Seattle, Washington is home to 1,000s of bands and hundreds of extreme punk and metal acts. One of the newest and most exciting onslaughts among them is WILT! Enlisting members from other Northwest eardrum assault teams such as SWORMING, HEP.C, SURUK, TYPHOID MARY and DEATH IN THE FAMILY, you should know what you're getting into when you pop this diabolical disc into your CD player.

   WILT consists of five members who play the conventional instruments but manage to deliver a refreshingly unconventional sound. This isn't surprising because the band does not limit themselves to one genre of influence. WILT corrupts your senses with a myriad of underground, aggressive and violent styles of rock 'n roll including crust, grind, death metal and hardcore punk. However, one can't help but notice the occasional blues and old-school heavy metal riffing that brings you out of the mosh pit and into a head banging, dread-lock swinging fit while taking a swig of beer and bong hit! Stoner Crust, Dark Crust or Death Punk? However you categorize them, WILT most definitely joins the ranks of their grimly melodic predecessors and peers with their devastating slow-to-mid-to-fast paced drum rhythms and menacing, down-tuned guitar tone. The vocals are desperately shrieked and roared by one of the most ferocious singers this side of Hell and occasionally backed up by demonic guttural growls.

   Agrimonia, Deviated Instinct, Damad, Ojorojo, Fuck The Facts, Thin The Herd, Extinction Of Mankind, Axegrinder, Fields Of Shit, Wojczech & Guided Cradle...add WILT to your list of siblings.

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case. 


"A Buriedinhell Records Compilation" CD
BIH033 (Professionally Duplicated)

 FREE DOWNLOAD in the "DOWNLOADS" SECTION! This promotional compilation CD was created to celebrate and commemorate Buriedinhell Records' years of service to Satan! Most of the Buriedinhell Records family of bands are featured on this sampler (a huge apology to those we had to leave out, there simply wasn't enough room). Clocking in at 78 minutes and 47 seconds this CD maxes out playing time by featuring 29 hits from the bands your parents love to hate:

   Alaric, Black September, Blood of the Gods, Call the Paramedics, Casket Blaster, Chronaexus, Cura Cochino, Embryonic Devourment, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Hellcrew (debut unreleased track!), Hellhunter, Human Obliteration, Killgasm, Knifethruhead, Kuru, Man the Conveyors, Rebels Advocate, Shrine of Scars, Skitzo, The Skuds, Slapendehonden, Slaughterbox, Sorrower, Thou, Unholy Goatfucker, Verlaten and Wendol.

   Buriedinhell Records is offering this CD for FREE (visit the "Downloads" section on the store site) or at a very low price if you'd like to own a "hard copy." All you pay is the manufacturing cost and shipping. This is our way of saying thank you for many years of support. We are also making this music available for free (or at a very low price to cover download service fees) so that you may sample all of the brutal, powerful and evil music that Buriedinhell Records has to offer. Now go forth and bang thy head...

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.


"A Tempest Of Reticence" CD
BIH032 (Professionally Duplicated)

You loved the 2010 debut, "Algedonic Awakening", now Chronaexus unleashes their brand new effort just in time for your Summer 2011 black metal suicide party: "A Tempest Of Reticence." Chronaexus returned to Mayhemeness Studio in Sacramento, California during the early part of 2011 and captured a much thicker and fuller sound than the previous effort. Thankfully, the new recording is neither polished nor under-produced. It's that perfect, happy medium that is best for all genres of metal and punk. You can hear all of the detailed musicianship, tactfully executed without a pretentious, fabricated, digitally enhanced production that ruins so many present day albums.
   Band mastermind, Nick Liuzzi has enlisted a new line-up including, Pete Chavez (Anal Blast, Slaughterbox) on Drums and Matt Thompson (Slaughterbox) on Second Guitar. Chronaexus has abandoned the keyboards for a more raw, primitive and "stripped down" approach. Never fear — the addition of Thompson on Second Guitar has elevated the amount of ethereal “layering” which the keyboard formerly provided and maintains the evil and eerie atmospheric soundscapes that were so important and prevalent on “Algedonic Awakening.” Chavez' performance on this album is flawless and brings a much needed "human" sound to this recording in which very minimal edits and no "replacement drum samples" were executed. From punishing down-tempos to break-neck blast beats, Chavez' skills disgrace all electronic forms of percussion known to man! Liuzzi brings back a similar riff composition and lyrical style, but there's also a noticeable improvement in song writing and structure. The songs still possess moments of all out aggression, melody, sadness and cold, cacophonous, calamity but seem more collected and refined this time around. To put it bluntly, the tracks are simply much more memorable. Liuzzi's vocals are full of despair, soaked in reverb and tantamount to a demon's lament in the deep caverns of hell. The result of the combined talent on this record is an old-school, pure and natural sound, which Chronaexus truly deserves. “A Tempest Of Reticence” sounds exactly like what the title implies: A wretched storm of musical and lyrical rebellion!

   The album's simple, yet beautiful black and white artwork was created in a “wood etching” style by the band's former keyboardist, Christopher Barnard. So in a way, the contributors to Chronaexus haven't changed — the roles are simply different.
In a scene where the word “epic” is used entirely too often, when speaking of the new Chronaexus album, that adjective is totally appropriate.

   Influenced by and for fans of Agalloch, Amesoeurs, Darkthrone, Drudkh, A Forest Of Stars, Hinsidig, Immortal, Krallice, Lantlos, Lifelover, Nachtmystium, Shining, Totalselfhatred, Urgehal and Windi.

   Limited to a first pressing of 100. And a Second Pressing of 100. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.


"Split" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH031 (Color / Black Vinyl)

   San Antonio's teeth-clenching powerviolence misfit/burnouts KRUDS and Providence's beer-soaked anti-everything punk/thrash/grind crossover sextet, RAMPANT DECAY, gang up to terrorize your ear-holes and bully your skull into a whiplashing, head-banging frenzy. Combined, the bands unleash about ten minutes of loud, fast and chaotic tributes to hate, revenge, death and scum-bag supremacy. Song titles include, "Hatchet Face", "Dead Bent", "Chumbawumba/Fuck Charles Day", "Political Lemmings", "King Of The Trash" and more! Includes killer cover art featuring a heavily tattooed member of Satan's Street Gang rising from weed smoke to murder a bike-riding-dirt-head-hipster-hippie-dude with a giant machete. If you're not a total scum-bag-piece-of-shit-waste-of-life, prepare to be converted!

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Records. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.


BIH030 (Professionally Duplicated)

   How these perverts have stayed off of the Megan's Law website is a complicated mystery. Formed in the summer of 2010, Panties quickly refined their take-no-prisoner's audible assault by combining elements of Grind, D-Beat and Thrash for this hyper-aggressive debut recording. Comprised of four long-time friends, each member has their own laundry list of credits in different bands from the Los Angeles, California scene. Panties does not hesitate to offend and will make you feel like you've been blindfolded and taken for a treacherous, anxiety filled joyride of confusion with song topics covering Freddy Krueger's Ray Ban-wearing-nightmare-rape-rampage, the wrath of Ferris Bueller's arch nemesis Ed Rooney, insane tales of child abduction, killer kidnappers and more. It seems no subject is too "off color" for this cacophonous quartet. In addition, the band feature's one of the best female bass thrashers in the biz! All parents, teachers and authority figures alike, you have been warned.

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case. 


"Algedonic Awakening" CD
BIH029 (Professionally Duplicated)

   After self-releasing a couple demos with different line-ups, Chronaexus is debuting their first full length album. Depressive, Symphonic, Ambient, however you'd like to label them into a Black Metal subgenre, Chronaexus definitely delivers that creepy, cold, grim and ugly, old-school style that makes your skin crawl. This Sacramento, California trio could easily be mistaken for a Scandinavian band. For fans of old European BM like Satyricon, Ulver, Gehenna, Bethlehem, Darkthrone and newer United States BM like Agalloch.

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case. 


"Human Manipulated Mass Extinction" CD
BIH028 (Professionally Duplicated)

   Featuring members of several now defunct brutal Sacramento, CA area death/grind/thrash bands, (Heaven Exempt, Pisshitter, Decay of Society & Esoteric Sacrifice) these two sleaze bags managed to stick together like a siamese twin possessed by Satan to bring you their debut offering. H.O. deliver a unique/classic style of grindcore with varied influences of the gore, sludge, punk, death, crust and thrash varieties. 11 tracks riddled with gory/funny/disturbing samples and apocalyptic-gore-soaked-sometimes-political lyrics that clock in under 12 minutes, so you know this shit is fast! Includes a Purulent Spermcanal cover, so that should tell you something! Comes with a 12 page booklet!

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.  


BIH027 (Black Recycled Vinyl)

   This is the debut release from these Arizona scene veterans. Includes ex-members from E.T.T.S. But does not carry the same porno-gore-grind torch. Rather, Sorrower executes a grindcore style influenced by european death, grind and hardcore punk. The songs are down-tuned, fast and aggressive as hell, full of D-beats, blast beats, browbeats and any other kind of beatings you can imagine. Even though there's 8 tracks on this 33rpm slab 'o wax, Sorrower will leave you weeping for more. Comes with a digital download.

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Records.



"The Shadow Before" CD
BIH026 (Professionally Duplicated)

   "The Shadow Before" is the debut release from New Hampshires axe-wielding, death-crust-dbeat warriors, Blood of the Gods. Like a clan of possessed, drunken Viking Berzerkers marching into your ear canals, BOTG will violate, pillage and decimate everything you once thought was deadly and brutal in the "Metal-Punk" realm. Eight unsubtle nuances of sheer brutality range from skull crushing slow grooves to gut-wrenching gallops and blood boiling blast beats. Fans of Bolt Thrower, Disrupt, Obituary, Stormcrow and others of similar ilk will proudly sacrifice their eardrums to this devastating disc. Features ex-members of Buriedinhell's very own dbeat-crust merchants, Man The Conveyors.

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case. 


BIH025 (Black / Color Vinyl)

   If you took Bauhaus, 45 Grave, and Christian Death, gave them even more drugs than they were presumably on, made them play just a bit "dirtier" and asked Jaz Coleman (Killing Joke) to sing....the end result would be Oakland, California's ALARIC. Featuring members of Dead & Gone, The Enemies, Noothgrush, Pins Of Light, Cross Stitched Eyes and U.K. Subs. This is the band's debut release. Two tracks of total 80's style Goth-Punk-Death-Rock melancholy. Limited to a one time pressing of 500: 400 on Black, 100 on White (with alternate cover). Comes with a small poster and a digital download.

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Records. 100 White with Gray Covers / 400 Black with Black Covers.



"...And We Obey" CD
BIH023 (Professionally Replicated)

   The latest and greatest Crust/D-Beat/Grind offering from both Midwest bands. MTC has a female vocalist that sounds like a demon about to disintegrate your genitals. The Skuds are a three piece that have taken grind and crust punk to a new creative level. World and personal politics are the general theme of the lyrics from both bands. For fans of Extreme Noise Terror, Disrupt, Napalm Death, Excrement of War, State of Fear and Wartorn. Great production quality.

   Limited to a first pressing of 1,000 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.



"Split" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH022 (Random Color Vinyl)

   This is Black Metal in it's two greatest forms. San Francisco's Hellhunter conjure forth two hellish offerings to the black goat with their raw, stripped-down, old-school, Celtic Frost style. Unholy Goatfucker crushes all that is holy with one track of Ludicra/Dissection style blackened crust. UGF has dueling female vocalists. One vomits forth screeches and guttural growls while the other answers with doomsday operatic power. Both bands offer a flawless, balanced recording quality that is neither over nor under produced. Don't miss this Super Satanic slab of wax! Comes with a digital download.

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Random Color Vinyl Records.



"Split" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH021 (Black Vinyl)

   This could easily be both band's most solid and brutal releases to date! The two gangs hail from California's death/grind/punk underground and have been playing gigs for a very long time, sometimes even sharing the stage. Casket Blaster desecrates your senses with two mega murderous de-compositions soaked in gore, death and above all GRIND (to keep it old-school)! Violating you to that uncomfortable, awkward feeling that they are known for imposing, Knifethruhead illegally penetrates your ear-holes with three new harassments borrowing from almost all rock 'n roll genres. Blasting-thrashing-punk drums, obnoxious saxophone solos, rockin' riffs and glamorous-gut-wrenching vocals — all the KTH trademarks are present along with their slickest recording production quality ever. The Casket Blaster side features cleverly executed Anthrax parody art while the Knifethruhead side is graced with ultra funny/gross art by Call the Paramedics' infamous vocalist, Shlak. The art alone is worth owning, let alone the insane cacophony captured on one piece of vicious vinyl. Digital download included for you pussies who don't own a turntable! Comes with a digital download.

   Limited to a first pressing of 1,000 Hand-Numbered Records.


"Split" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH020 (Color/ Black Vinyl)

   California's Death Grinding Cannibals, KURU offer two brand new bloody slabs for human consumption. "Buried In Hell" is a satanic blast anthem sure to quench the thirst of Lucifer lovers and christ-haters everywhere. "From the Tomb to the Womb" aborts the christian take-over with the birth of the new Anti-Christ, an infant demon-spawn hellbent on world Satanic domination and apocalypse. California's EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT threaten the existence of your children with two tech/death/grind tracks revisited from the "Beheaded By Volition" 2007 Mini CD - "Mutiny" and "Beheaded By Volition." Warning...May cause complete ear disintegration!

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Records. 100 Clear / 100 Red / 300 Black.


"Split" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH019 (Black Vinyl)

   Spain's brutal bloodshed battalion, Gruesome Stuff Relish, team up with Atlantic City, New Jersey's ultra-violent, massacre masochists, Call the Paramedics for a gore-soaked offering of grindcore, punk, hardcore and death metal that is sure to disgust fans of all genres (that's a good thing!). GSR pulls your brain out through your sphincter with three brand new tracks, while CTP staple-guns your ears shut with 5 brand new tracks and one new version of their classic "Urine Her Ass."

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Records.


"Split" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH018 (Pisshit Splatter Vinyl)

   The unholy black goat of grind has regurgitated yet another vomitus offering of sickness and depravity to rape your senses. Killgasm sperm-splatt you with the ultra-violent "Aborted with a Chainsaw" and leave your mangled fetus with a tribute to their idol, professional wrestling's real life suicide-murderer: "The Crippler." Slaughterbox drag you to their blood-soaked, human slaughterhouse with two ear-blistering tracks full of punishing gravity blasts and ethereal guitar maladies.

Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Brown and Yellow Splattered Vinyl Records.


"Volume One Compilation" CD
BIH017 (Professionally Replicated)

Featuring the underground's most sick and brutal bands:

Call the Paramedics, Anal Nosorog, Three Faces of Eve, Waking the Cadaver, The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza, Cumbeast, Kuru, Funeral Rape, Sacrificial Blood, Amputation, Distorted Impalement, Ex Dementia, Intestinal Disgorge, Mortal Decay, Splattercraft, Knifethruhead, Cemetary Rapist, The Dead Meat, Bonesaw, The Dolemite Project, Captain Cleanoff, Assnation, Waiting Mortuary, Nahurak, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Coaccion, Psychosomatic, Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire and N.J.D.O.T.S!

   Limited to a first pressing of 1,000 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.



"Split" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH016 (Black Vinyl)

   Chicago's black metal punx Black September team up with New Orleans sludge-mongers Thou for a powerful EP of near cataclysmic proportions. Each band contributes one mighty track for their side of this EP and a summary statement could be worded quite simply as "absolutely brutal." If you are looking for something down-tuned and heavy then look no further!

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Records.



"A Collection Of Killers Compilation" CD
BIH015 (Professionally Replicated)

   Featuring the underground's most sick and brutal bands:

, Stump, E.T.T.S., Putrid Pile, Black Pathology, Birdflesh, Reeker, Fondle Corpse, Call The Paramedics, Holocausto Canibal, Haemorrhage
, Offal, Plasma, Kuru
, Mincing Fury and Guttural Clamour of Queer Decay, Kak Madame, Splatt, Decomposing Serenity, Altar of Giallo, Goresluts, Knifethruhead, Deadwrong, To Separate The Flesh From The Bones, Ballgag, Splattercraft, Moistened Disciples, Cardiac Arrest, Urophagia, F.K.Ü., Nashgul, Methadone Abortion Clinic and Pussyvibes.

   Includes a 12 page booklet and an 11x17 poster featuring awesome serial killer art by super gory and funny artist Lou Rusconi.

   Limited to a first pressing of 1,000 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.



"Split" CD / 12 INCH VINYL
BIH014 (Professionally Replicated)
(Color / Black Vinyl)

   Political Crustpunk and ear-shattering-gutteral Grind sicken your senses throughout the final offering from both of these Northern California based bands. A pleasant surprise for those who haven't heard of these incredibly talented and over-looked bands. For fans of old Neurosis and Profane Existence releases.

   Limited to a first pressing of 1,000 Hand-Numbered Records and CDs. The CDs are shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.



"Split" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH013 (Black Vinyl)

   Knifethruhead unearths tracks from the 1999 "Gold Teeth, Guns & Bitches" sessions to share this slab 'o wax with Holland's Powerviolence/Grind outfit known as Slapendehonden. Both bands deliver their unique styles of sick and twisted noise for Slapendehonden's first vinyl appearance.

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Records.

"Splitzo" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH012 (Color / Black Vinyl)

   Sacramento, California's SHRINE OF SCARS assault your senses with seven lightning fast thrash attacks for their final offering. San Francisco, California's legendary old-school "80's puke-thrashers", SKITZO vomit forth one brand new track (Wolf's Bane) and one revision of a classic (Cellulite Cellular Bitch).

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Records. 200 Green / 300 Black
"Black Metal Whore Killer" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH011 (Black Vinyl)

The debut release of this blackened grind horde from Sacramento, California. This is raw, gritty and offensive to parents, authority figures, the clergy and pretty much the entire Universe. Killgasm is still desecrating eardrums to this day and is rumored to have a full length to be released on Moribund Records. Get this gem before all the BM newbies start referring to them as "KVLT!"

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Records.
"Consumed By Consumption" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH010 (Black Vinyl)

Content to come!

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Records.
BIH009 (Black Vinyl)

   This Sacramento, CA Death/Grind act serves up 13 tracks of gore-soaked "cannibal-core." For fans of Napalm Death, Suffocation and Nasum. Comes with a beautiful full color gatefold jacket full of skulls, blood, guts, violence and death.

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Records.
"Gold Teeth, Guns and Bitches" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH008 (Gold Vinyl)

   The 2nd offering from Northern California's most hated Grind/Punk legends. Eight spazzed-out tracks for the goofy part of your grind mind.

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Golden Shower Color Vinyl Records.
"A Grind Core Compilation" 7 INCH VINYL
BIH007 (Random Color Vinyl)

   Buriedinhell's first vinyl release featuring four of the best Sacramento, California band's around at the time: World Of Lies, Knifethruhead, Kuru and Times Of Desperation. Killer, early shit from all four of these now well established bands. The TOD track has vocals!

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Hand-Numbered Random Color Vinyl Records.


"In Between Worlds" CD
BIH006 (Professionally Duplicated)

   This debut recording captures the band in it's infancy, as a three piece, while they searched to find a lead vocalist. It features five of the first songs ever written: "In Between Worlds", "Dreams Of Filth", "Beast Hammer", "Kuru" and "End Of Days. This one was sent to Death Gasm Records and earned them the "Epidemic" record deal. This is ritualistic death metal that conjures slight Incantation/Immolation sounds of eerie death. For old school ears only!

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.



BIH005 "Demo 999"
CD-R / Cassette / Lathe 7 Inch Vinyl

   This debut recording captures the band in it's infancy, as a four piece, before they enlisted a saxophonist, which would become their trademarked sound. 8 raw as fuck tracks recorded with a cassette tape 4-track recorder sometime in the year 1998. The demo was passed around in DIY cassette form for a while before it was pressed on CD-R in 1999 (hence the title Demo 999). Soon after the CD was released, KTH entered a real recording studio to track the songs that eventually appeared on their split seven inch with Slapendehonden and their 2nd solo seven inch entitled, "Gold Teeth, Guns and Bitches." Now, nearly 17 years later, the legendary recording has been pressed to a very small number of handmade lathe-cut vinyl. Strictly limited to only 15 Round Clear 7 Inches and 35 Square Clear 7 Inches. Here's your chance to hear how the band sounded in the early days....pretty much the same....ha!

Limited to 100 CD-Rs / 50 DIY Cassettes / 15 Hand-Numbered Clear Round Lathe 7 Inch Vinyls / 35 Hand-Numbered Clear Square Lathe 7 Inch Vinyls.


"One Day Karma May Kill You" CD
BIH004 (Professionally Duplicated)

Keloid was a death and thrash metal inspired heavy rock band from Sacramento, California that featured the singer from Knifethruhead. They played gigs with this line-up during the years 2001 through 2003 around the Sacramento area until they parted ways with their singer. They continue to play shows as a three-piece and have released a few more demos over the years. Grab a piece of Sacramento's underground metal history before they're gone for good!

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.

"Murder and Serial Killers E.P." 7 Inch Vinyl
BIH003 (Black Vinyl)

Originally released on Grind Porn Records. There are only a small number of "Buriedinhell" versions out there, so if you come across one, grab it! It's the most rare! Eulogy was a three-piece death/grind band from Sacramento, California that featured members who would go on to form World Of Lies and Kuru. They played really killer Carcass inspired, gore obsessed metal in the mid and late 90's. After a couple of cassette demos, the band recorded three tracks for this, their only vinyl release. It features a super disgusting and gory fold-out collage which not so coincidentally resembles art found in those classic Carcass albums. They even got a hold of the same books that Carcass used. It also features artwork and layouts from Kenny (Knifethruhead/Kuru), Nate (Beerlords) and Stephan (Escapement). With songs about Sacramento serial killer, Dorthea Puente and the ultra notorious, Ed Gein, how can you go wrong?

   Limited to a first pressing of 500 Records. The first half of them were released by Grind Porn Records and featured different cover art.

"Material God" CD
BIH002 (Professionally Replicated)

The band was formed in Sacramento, CA in 2001 by Tony Avila on guitar as a side project of the band Eulogy (Sacramento). The same year as the demise of Eulogy, World Of Lies worked hard on practicing and writing a new record, different than the death metal serial killer style that Eulogy was known for, more on the melodic death/ thrash/ grind side with social, and political lyrics. "Material God" is their debut album. Many more releases followed after a relocation (Portland, OR) and several line-up changes, including a second album, a seven inch vinyl record, some compilation appearances,  a split album (with Toe Tag) and an EP. The band is still going strong today and sounding better than ever. Pick up this album if you want to hear how it all started. Check it out, we think it fucking rips! Heavily influenced by early Carcass, Napalm Death and At The Gates....all the good stuff!

   Limited to a first pressing of 1,000 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.


"Hellcore" CD
BIH001 (Professionally Duplicated)

Content to come.

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.

"2010 Demo" CDR
BIH-Demo02 (Professionally Duplicated)

The Dirty Priest (band name translation) is at the altar commanding the congregations of doom to do their worst to wreck the blessed sound collecting cavities in your skull. The church organ has been replaced with an orchestra of guitars and drums (female drummer!) and played in a stoner influenced doom and gloom style supported by a choir lead by harsh female screams and hollers and backed by guttural male growls. If Eyehategod fought Electric Wizard, Cura Cochino would be the blood spilled on a bar room floor in Mexico. This is Doom en Espanol! With ex and current members of Knifethruhead, Kuru and Iguanadon, how could you go wrong?! Featuring art by critically acclaimed psychedoom artist, Skinner.

   Limited to a first pressing of 200 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.
"Servin' Dicks In '06" CDR
BIH-Demo01 (Professionally Duplicated)

Hear Sacramento, California's one and only Times Of Desperation in their rare early stages when their vocalist still abused his power on the microphone. Two of the best grindcore musician's in the area offer two raw studio tracks ("Here's Blood In Your Eye" and "Weed & Bitches") and one live track recorded in 2005 at Burnt Ramen (Nor Cal Punk Venue) entitled, "Heavy Metal Diva." To put it lightly, this shit rips. You've just been served...dick!

   Limited to a first pressing of 100 CDs. Shrink-wrapped and professionally packaged in a standard jewel case.