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The Debut CD From Black Mackerel Is No Longer Legend!

From the hot steaming and stinking sewers of Sacramento, California, Buriedinhell Records is extremely excited and proud to bring you the highly anticipated and long overdue release of the mighty debut from Black Mackerel! Stream the entire album now for free and find out what has been slithering through the unholy septic systems of Northern California for about ten years. The legend lurks no longer...

"Fight or Flight" CD
(Available February 28th!)
Before there was CONDEMNED?, on Nuclear Blast Records, in the early 1980s there was CONDEMNED2DEATH (2nd Nuclear Blast Release) and then even CONDEMNED ATTITUDE. However, in between those bands, there still remains an over-looked, red-headed middle child mothered by the Creature from the Black Lagoon and hidden away within the stench-rotted sewers of Sacramento, California dubbed by homeless fishermen as the legendary BLACK MACKEREL. The illusive beast has only been spotted at night between the hours of 8pm and 2am jumping from the sludge to snatch bottles of whiskey while thrashing it's body in a slam-dance fashion only to escape after displaying a victory dance atop the rivers of pisshit like an enraged, coked-out hesher moshing in a circle pit.

This strange anomaly of the aquatic kingdom can only be lured into sight with the sounds of Red Fang, NoMeansNo, The Melvins, Black Flag and Black Sabbath. It's legacy is kept alive by disgruntled fishermen along with old-school and new-school headbangers alike!

"Fight Or Flight" is limited to a first pressing of 100 professionally packaged, duplicated CDs housed in a standard sized jewel case and shrink-wrapped. Catch yours today!

Live footage of Black Mackerel performing "Good Friend" from the "Fight Or Flight" CD!